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Regional Priority Projects
In 2004 when the NSMB finished the North Shore Management Plan Update a number of projects or future efforts were identified as priorities for the NSMB. The NSMB will continue to work on this list of projects in the upcoming years. In July of 2006 the North Shore Management Board received funds from Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program to complete three projects including Node Identification, Wastewater Assessment, and Ridgeline Viewshed Identification and Assessment.

These projects were completed in June 2007:

North Shore Node Definition Project

North Shore Wastewater Assessment Report

North Shore Ridgeline Viewshed Identification and Assessment Report
The map for this project can be viewed HERE

In July 2007 the NSMB began work on three more Regional Priority Projects that include the following projects that were completed in the Spring of 2008:

Innovative Planned Unit Development Research

Erosion Hazard Area Planning Definition Process

North Shore GIS Assessment


Board Members
-City of Beaver Bay

Jan Sivertson
-Cook County

Wendy Gustofson
-Town of Duluth

Tracy Benson
-City of Grand Marais

Rich Sve
-Lake County

Pete Stauber
-St. Louis County

Scott Johnson
-Silver Bay
(Vice Chair)

Mike Hoops
-Town of Silver Creek
(NSMB Chair)

Robin Glaser
-City of Two Harbors

Clicking the link below the board members name will open the website to their area of representation.

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Contact Information
North Shore Management Board c/o ARDC
Attn: Justin Otsea
221 W 1st St.
Duluth, MN 55802
Phone: 218-529-7529


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View the interactive 2012 North Shore Management Plan report HERE

NSMB 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update
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Regional Priority Projects

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