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North Shore GIS Collaborative
The NSMB received a grant from the Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program to complete the North Shore GIS Collaborative project. $15,000 was granted from the Coastal Program and matched with $5,000 from NSMB local funding. This project was developed after a GIS Assessment that was completed that identified that many communities along the North Shore did not have access to Geographic Information Systems. The NSMB and NSMB Technical Advisory Committee understand the significance of GIS and how it can help the local governments make wise land use decisions.

This project has been facilitated by ARDC and overseen by both the NSMB and TAC. A Steering Committee is the working group for the project. This committee is made up of representatives from local governments (staff who would likely utilize the GIS product) and other GIS users and professionals from the area. This Committee is working to create a Web-based GIS product that is user friendly and accessible to local governments. It is a tool for mapping and other geographical analysis. The interface has data such as civil division boundaries, major and local roads, aerial photographs and more. Another goal of the project is to spur GIS data development along the Shore. With this tool, local governments are more apt to develop data that they are able to use without expensive software or extensive training.

North Shore Mapping Interface
Click here to use the North Shore Mapping Interface. This page may take a few moments to load based on your connection speed. If you are required to enter a user name and password, please follow the steps that will be provided.

October 15, 2008 Meeting 1 Summary
January 6, 2009 Meeting 2 Summary
May 5, 2009 Meeting 3 Summary
Meeting 4 Notice and Agenda

Phase I Final Report
Click here to read a report that documents the first phase of the North Shore GIS Collaborative.

This project was funded in part by the
Coastal Zone Management Act, by
NOAA’S Office of Ocean and
Coastal Resource Management,
in cooperation with Minnesota’s Lake Superior
Coastal Program.
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More about Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program can be found at their website


Board Members
-City of Beaver Bay

Jan Sivertson
-Cook County

Wendy Gustofson
-Town of Duluth

Tracy Benson
-City of Grand Marais

Rich Sve
-Lake County

Pete Stauber
-St. Louis County

Scott Johnson
-Silver Bay
(Vice Chair)

Mike Hoops
-Town of Silver Creek
(NSMB Chair)

Robin Glaser
-City of Two Harbors

Clicking the link below the board members name will open the website to their area of representation.

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Contact Information
North Shore Management Board c/o ARDC
Attn: Justin Otsea
221 W 1st St.
Duluth, MN 55802
Phone: 218-529-7529


Meeting Information and Previous Meetings

Annal Reports
View the interactive 2012 North Shore Management Plan report HERE

NSMB 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update
View the Comprehensive Plan document HERE

Environmental Website

North Shore GIS Collaborative

Erosion Forum

Rain Garden Assessment (2015)

Regional Priority Projects

State of the Coast Conference