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The North Shore Counties and Cities
Citizens Stream Monitoring Program- 2010 Report on the Water Quality of Minnesota Streams This annual report provides background information on the Minnesota Citizen Stream Monitoring Program, summarizes data collected by volunteers, and discuses future directions for the program.

Minnesota's Water Quality Monitoring Strategy 2011-2021 This September 2011 report describes the 10-year plan for monitoring surface and groundwater. The Strategy includes information on all types of monitoring condition monitoring, problem investigation monitoring and effectiveness monitoring for all types of water bodies (i.e., lakes, streams, and wetlands) and groundwater under the MPCA's watershed approach.

Lake Superior Abandoned Household Waste Project. A 2003 Governmental Collection This report documents the the steps, results, and recommendations of the project. Participants in this project included: Lake County, St. Louis County, Range Riders ATV Club, Fond du Lac Reservation and Grand Portage Reservation

Cook County
Statement of Need and Reasonableness for Proposed Stormwater Management Ordinance summarizes the proposed stormwater management ordinance and the reasoning behind the proposed ordinance. It also discusses the problems the ordinance seeks to address, the causes of the problems, and why the ordinance is the best method for addressing the problems and their causes.

Cook County Stormwater Management Ordinance was adopted in 2006. It has the purpose to control or eliminate stormwater pollution, soil erosion and sedimentation within the county. The details of this ordinance can be found in this document.

Erosion and Sediment Control Planning Checklist has the goal to control erosion and prevent sediment and other pollutants from entering Lake Superior, streams, lakes, wetlands, and storm drain systems during construction. This checklist is useful in understanding erosion and sediment control principals and measures.

Cost-Share Grant to Cook County for Flood Recovery is a newsletter featuring a $125,000 grant through the State Conservation Cost-Share Program that is being used to repair stream banks and address other erosion and water quality problems that were caused by flooding in Cook County.

Lake County
Lake County SWCD Annual Plan of Work 2010 has the purpose to develop a plan of action to help land occupiers and units of government implement sound land management planning to protect the natural resources of the county. To accomplish that goal, they will use education and technical assistance. The work plan describes how this will be accomplished.

Lake County Forestry Department Working Management Plan addresses all of the landscape scenarios, keeping in mind what other agencies are doing, while keeping its eye on sustainability with the blending of the ecological, economic and social values of the county. This document describes the plan to do so.

The Property Owner's Resource Guide- A Place in Lake County is a reference guide to the county land use ordinance. It describes many aspects from the ordinance in an easy format for property owners.

St. Louis County
South St. Louis County SWCD 2010 Annual Plan has the purpose to detail the work items that will be completed in 2010 and be a tool to evaluate program effectiveness. The plan details specific objectives with the actions and timeline needed for success.

South St. Louis County SWCD 2008-2012 Comprehensive Plan is a document that has the purpose to establish an action strategy. It identifies which issues they determined are most useful to address, and identifies actions that should be initiated to meet their resource management goals.

Grand Portage
National Monument Wildland Fire Management Plan Environmental Assessment is a document that describes the plan to protect the area from fire damage.

Grand Marais
Stormwater Management Plan for the City of Grand Marais Through this plan, the Grand Marais Area will be able to evaluate and manage stormwater quantity and quality as the result of either development or other modifications to the watershed basins. This plan also satisfies the North Shore Management Plan criteria. Also, it describes the plan thoroughly.

Applying Natural Restoration Techniques to Slope Restoration is a newsletter detailing a successful project that used innovative techniques to solve erosion from road construction.

Grand Marais Small Scale Stormwater Demonstration Projects is available on Scribd- This document describes six small scale stormwater management Best Management Practices.

Town of Silver Creek
Stewart River Wastewater Improvements is a summary sheet about received funding to update the Stewart River Wastewater Facilities Plan. The purpose of the update was to compare previous plan recommendations with the possibility of a clustered wastewater system.

More information about the Town of Silver Creek can be found at their website by following this link.

Two Harbors
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Public Water Access Reconstruction in Two Harbors is a proposal to reconstruct the existing pubic boat access at Agate Bay. The document has an emphasis on construction, operation methods and features that will cause physical manipulation of the environment or produce wastes.

Northeast Sustainable Development Partnership's Tourism Resource Team Report Two Harbors, 2005 presents recommendations for three areas of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental. These areas are outlined in different levels of detail.

Duluth-Knife River
Duluth/North Shore Sewer Project for St. Louis and Lake Counties The Duluth/North Shore Sanitary District (DNSSD) and the Knife River/Larsmont Sanitary District (KRLSD) proposed to construct sewer extension construction projects along the North Shore. This document has emphasis on the construction, operation methods and features that will cause physical manipulation of the environment or will produce wastes.

Duluth Metropolitan Area Streams Snowmelt Runoff Study Examines the urbanization of watesheds and the impacts on both the hydrology and water quality of streams in times of snowmelt. It also includes a summary of recommendations and best management practices for the protection of surface waters during winter and snowmelt conditions.

Duluth Residential Stormwater Reduction Demonstration Project for Lake Superior Tributaries is an application that proposes to demonstrate the effectiveness of residential Best Management Practices (BMPs) at reducing stormwater runoff
problems for Lake Superior tributaries by installing residential BMPs in a subwatershed in an older residential neighborhood and compare the runoff to that of a similar control subwatershed without stormwater BMPs.


Board Members
-City of Beaver Bay

Jan Sivertson
-Cook County

Wendy Gustofson
-Town of Duluth

Tracy Benson
-City of Grand Marais

Rich Sve
-Lake County

Pete Stauber
-St. Louis County

Scott Johnson
-Silver Bay
(Vice Chair)

Mike Hoops
-Town of Silver Creek
(NSMB Chair)

Robin Glaser
-City of Two Harbors

Clicking the link below the board members name will open the website to their area of representation.

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Contact Information
North Shore Management Board c/o ARDC
Attn: Justin Otsea
221 W 1st St.
Duluth, MN 55802
Phone: 218-529-7529


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