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Annual Reports
Each year, the NSMB develops an annual report that highlights the Membership of the Board and Technical Advisory Committee, projects and activities that have taken place, and a summary of the funds the NSMB used to implement the North Shore Management Plan. Please click below to view the annual reports from the NSMB.

Fiscal Year 2012 Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2011 Annual Report


Board Members
Steve Nazian
-City of Beaver Bay

Bruce Martinson
-Cook County
(NSMB Vice Chair)

Dave Miller
-Town of Duluth

Jan Sivertson
-City of Grand Marais

Rich Sve
-Lake County

David Updegraff
-Town of Lakewood

Pete Stauber
-St. Louis County

Joanne Johnson
-Silver Bay

Mike Hoops
-Town of Silver Creek
(NSMB Chair)

Robin Glaser
-City of Two Harbors

Clicking the link below the board members name will open the website to their area of representation.

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Annual Reports
FY 2012 and 2011 Annual Reports